Where the @$%# Is Eurotrash?

Eurotrash Food Cart is conveniently located in the heart of downtown PDX to serve all of your gastronomic needs!

Trashy Prime

Our supreme Trashiness is on the corner of SW 10th & Washington.

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The Deets

Not so long ago, an aspiring young man found himself in Portland with no job, no money and no plan. One fateful night while taking a leisurely jaunt to his local independent movie rental haven, he encountered a pod of food carts serving untold edible wonders. Immediately, inspiration struck like a bolt of white hot lightning.

Drawing from a lifetime's worth of experience cooking, taught by his own parents and secret wizards during his travels in Europe, the young man set to work creating a shrine to his craft, through which he could share his gift with any passersby who might care to sample his creations.

Soon, a shimmering paragon of azure and coral made its home in the same commune that had inspired the young man, its window wide open and its sign beckoning all comers with it's softly whispered siren song.

Now, Eurotrash stands as a force to be reckoned with, the fare on its menu an amalgamation of Portuguese cuisine with heavy Iberian influence, with the sensibilities of a working class young rascal bred and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

Trashy Swag

Eurotrash Logo Tee

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So get this: you're at a party and some dude comes over and offers you a drink. It's probably roofied or something like that, and that's awkward for EVERYONE. Now had you had a Eurotrash shirt on, bro #1 would probably have just told you how much he enjoys a Trashy B in the morning instead. You really can't be too safe these days.