Best Store Bought Sauerkraut – Reviews and Buying Guide

Sauerkraut is finely cut raw cabbage that has actually been fermented by numerous lactic acid bacteria. It has a lengthy shelf life and also an unique sour flavour, both of which result from the lactic acid developed when the microorganisms ferment the sugars in the cabbage leaves.

Sauerkraut is made by a process of pickling called lactic acid fermentation that is similar to how traditional (not heat-treated) marinaded cucumbers and kimchi are made. The cabbage is carefully shredded, layered with salt, and also delegated ferment. Totally treated sauerkraut maintains for numerous months in an impermeable container saved at 15°C (60 ° F) or below. Neither refrigeration neither pasteurization is required, although these treatments prolong storage life.

Many sauerkraut discovered in a supermarket is pasteurized and afterwards canned. Pasteurization, while an important process for the preservation of numerous foods, does even more injury than good to sauerkraut. A shelf-stable product is simple to manage, yet the cost is high for that benefit

The process of lacto-fermentation of cabbage, develops real-time lactobacillus germs and other advantageous germs, which die when sauerkraut is heated up. Both Vitamin C and also the lactobacillus probiotic microorganisms discovered in sauerkraut – in charge of helping you with your digestion – are killed throughout pasteurization.

Product Comparison

Sr. NoProduct NameProduct Rating
1.Bubbies Sauerkraut4.9/5.0Check Best Price
2.Bavarian Style Sauerkraut4.8/5.0Check Best Price
3.Wildbrine Kraut Raw Green4.6/5.0Check Best Price
4.Sonoma Brinery Sauerkraut Raw4.6/5.0Check Best Price
5.Pickled Planet Dill Sauerkraut4.5/5.0Check Best Price

Best Store Bought Sauerkraut

1. Bubbies Sauerkraut, 25 Ounce

Bubbies obtained its beginning in the kosher pickle business, however has considering that included a traditionally fermented sauerkraut to its line-up. Like Sonoma Brinery, Bubbies has a minimal active ingredient checklist. The ‘kraut has a gently sweet odor; you can rarely inform you’ve opened up a container of fermented cabbage.

The slim shreds are extra-crisp, and also have a light fermented funk. There are sour notes, however extremely, you can still taste the cabbage. I would suggest Bubbies, like Farmhouse, for any type of sauerkraut newbies. While it isn’t quite as fascinating to consume on its own, it would be a fantastic sauerkraut for multipurpose cooking and also garnishes.

2. Bavarian Style Sauerkraut From Germany, 24 Ounce Jar

The Hengstenberg brand name is rather popular in Southern Germany and also exceptionally easy to locate in the Seattle location at the local German delicatessens or Globe Market. White Wine Sauerkraut is No. 1 in Germany and one of the most preferred around the globe. The key of our Sauerkraut is its light flavor as well as the mild processing of selected cabbage from local contract farming– 100%.

Our moderate red wine sauerkraut is vegan, lactose-free and also gluten-free, without the addition of preservatives. That’s just how the finest German food preferences!

3. Wildbrine Kraut Raw Green, 18 oz

Wildbrine sauerkraut is not for the faint of heart. I believed it bordered on over-fermented, and also its garlic flavor is equally as intense. Once again, I really did not obtain much tang, so I found the ‘kraut to be out of balance. Unlike the various other ‘krauts, Wildbrine makes use of cut cabbage, which aids it to keep an unique crunch.

If you want to include a crisp, cool taste note to a salad or sandwich, Wildbrine could be a suitable choice, yet I wouldn’t select to eat it plain.

4. Sonoma Brinery Sauerkraut Smoky Chipotle Raw, 16 Ounce

Here is the sauerkraut you’re most likely to discover at your neighborhood grocery store. It’s likewise the cheapest on the shelf by virtually half. (It is not natural, unlike most raw ‘krauts.) Sonoma Brinery’s sauerkraut gets on the more powerful side; it’s not extremely fashionable, but it definitely has yeast taste notes in the brine.

There’s nothing but cabbage, salt, as well as water on the ingredient listing, but the ‘kraut has a shocking depth of flavor. There are both pleasant as well as sour notes to the ‘kraut, however it is balanced by the abovementioned funk. The cabbage remains in long, super-thin spaghetti-like strands, that makes for rather discussion and unpleasant consuming. I additionally like consuming this sauerkraut straight up, but it could also hold its own on a sandwich.

5. Pickled Planet Organic Dill Sauerkraut, 16 OZ

Pickled Planet is an Ashland, Oregon-based company, as well as their labeling fits its origins; you can tell the ferments are made by alternate wellness nuts. Its kraut has a much more powerful taste than its odor. It is intensely sour and also yeasty. Actually, my very first response was to reject the ‘kraut as over-fermented, but as I maintained consuming, the taste began to grow on me.

As a result of its strength, Pickled World would certainly stand up well to food preparation; it would likely be tasty in choucroute garnie (a braised sausage and sauerkraut dish). Don’t, nonetheless, feed this raw ‘kraut to choosy friends.

Best Store Bought Sauerkraut – Buying Guide

Factors to consider before buying store bought sauerkraut

1. Avoid pasteurized varieties

Off-the-shelf sauerkraut is usually pasteurized, a procedure that eliminates the helpful probiotics. Chilled selections are less most likely to be sterilized, but inspect the label to make sure.

2. Avoid Preservatives

Numerous store-bought sauerkraut brand names contain chemicals, which might decrease the probiotic matter.

3. Avoid added sugars

Sauerkraut ought to just contain two standard active ingredients: cabbage as well as salt. Some ranges might additionally add added vegetables, but stay clear of those that add sugar or anything else to the mix.

Health Benefits of Sauerkraut

1. Boosts your digestion

Unpasteurized sauerkraut consists of probiotics, which are beneficial germs that function as the initial line of protection versus contaminants and dangerous microorganisms. They can likewise improve your food digestion as well as general health

Probiotics like those in sauerkraut can aid enhance the bacterial equilibrium in your digestive tract after it has been interrupted by the use of anti-biotics. This can help reduce or protect against antibiotic-provoked diarrhea

2. It is really nutritious

Sauerkraut is particularly healthy because it undertakes fermentation, a procedure during which microorganisms on the cabbage digest its all-natural sugars and also transform them into co2 and natural acids.

Fermentation begins when yeast as well as microorganisms that are normally present on the cabbage as well as your hands, along with in the air, come into contact with the sugars in the cabbage.

Sauerkraut fermentation produces conditions that advertise the development of advantageous probiotics, which are additionally discovered in products like yogurt and kefir.

Probiotics are bacteria that offer powerful health benefits. They also assist make foods a lot more absorbable, which enhances your digestive tract’s capability to take in the vitamins and minerals they contain.

3. May help you lose weight

On a regular basis consuming sauerkraut may help you drop weight as well as keep it off. That’s partly due to the fact that sauerkraut, like most veggies, is reduced in calories and high in fiber. High fiber diet plans maintain you fuller for longer, which might help you normally minimize the number of calories you consume each day.

Sauerkraut’s probiotic web content may additionally add to a trimmer waist.

4. May reduce the risk of certain cancers

Cabbage, the cornerstone in sauerkraut, has antioxidants as well as various other advantageous plant compounds that may help reduce the threat of certain cancers.

5. Contributes to stronger bones

Sauerkraut consists of vitamin K2, which plays an essential role in bone wellness. Much more particularly, vitamin K2 turns on 2 proteins that bind to calcium, the primary mineral found in bones.

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